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Bob Pattni

I am Bob Pattni. I am an Cryptocurrency Investor. My portfolio is mainly in a select few currencys, most notably Ethereum. Ethereum has an unbelievable amount developers backing them mixed with current adoption rate throughout the world growing everyday, I can see a lot of potential in them becoming big.

My address can be found on my terms and conditions if you wish to send me anything to review (cold storage wallets for example). My number is 01922 208723 if you like to get in touch instead, alternatively you can use my contact form.

This blog was created just to help give back the knowledge that I have learned over the years when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, I will make sure to keep everything as simple as I can and will only go in depth if I get enough requests for it.


  • Birmingham Primary School 1980-1988
  • Birmingham Comprehensive School 1988-1993
  • Birmingham College 1993-1995
  • University of Birmingham 1995-1999