Cryptocurrency predicting the future

Cryptocurrency: predicting the future. – a blog post by Bob Pattni.

Predictions are a shaky business at best. Predictions about something as unpredictable as Cryptocurrency are even more so. But as we come to the end of 2017 and look forward to 2018, what predictions can the experts make that we should be paying attention to?

1. Bitcoin and Ethereum are here to stay.

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Most people who are enthusiastic about Cryptocurrency appear to agree that Bitcoin and its newer rival Ethereum have staying power, though they may be more bullish on one versus the other. Although Bitcoin is outperforming Ethereum in the marketplace at the moment, expect Ethereum to continue to rise and for the gap between the two to narrow.

2. As yet unknown coins will hit the big time.

Bitcoin and Ethereum may have stolen the show at this point, but the innovation won’t end there. Expect more winners on the horizon, which also means there’ll be more losers so invest your money carefully!

Kathleen Breitman is hopeful that Tezos, her own blockchain bet, will fill a niche – and there’s some evidence to suggest she could be right. She and her project’s developers are designing Tezos to automatically push software updates out to the network, thus, in theory, avoiding the divisive feuding over upgrades that has wracked systems like Bitcoin over the past few years.

No one can say how many tokens and coins and blockchain protocols will eventually win out, but the experts seem to think there’s room for a multitude: so there could be more winners out there in the future that we just don’t know about yet. However for 2018, I’d suggest Tezos as the one to watch; while Ethereum continues to be a safe bet for investment.

3. Some people will get burned.

For the time being, Cryptocurrency might seem like a fantastic way to raise a lot of money quickly and with few questions asked. Will this lead to riches for some? Undoubtedly—and it already has. And rip-offs for others? Again yes, and again it probably already has.

There’s also a presumption that black market deals and insider trading are rife within Cryptocurrency transactions as its very nature of being unregulated attracts an unsavoury element. Although this doesn’t cover all Cryptocurrency transactions its undeniable that it does hold true for a proportion of them. So regulation is likely to come, and will likely be welcomed by the vast majority.

4. Cryptocurrency will give Silicon Valley and Wall Street a run for their money.

In a world where anyone can participate as an investor online, physical location matters much less. In the long run, what use is your bank manager or even your bank if you never need to use them to trade money?

Projects are already getting funded via Kickstarter and other similar Online methods. Breitman said she that when she set up Tezos’ token sale, she aimed to get as many people who wanted to participate in the ecosystem to contribute.” The company raised more than $200 million to date and, according to her, more than 30,000 Tezos wallets have been opened.

Will Cryptocurrencies ever replace banks and financial institutions though? It’s unlikely, even in the long run, however they will make a serious dent in the traditional power of these service providers by coming to rival them in terms of buying power.

5. Regulations will stick.

Elena Kvochko, chief information officer of the security division at Barclays, said that her bank has had talks with regulators about Bitcoin, blockchains, and their ilk. The rule-sticklers appear to be open to the idea as long as “know your customer” laws are obeyed, although it’s still early days.

Meanwhile, as governments settle on their own sets of rules, countries like Switzerland, Singapore, and Estonia are jostling to develop frameworks that easily accommodate the new technology. They’re seeking to displace geographic incumbents and become hubs for a new wave of business financing.

Until the new laws are created and decided upon, go for a policy of total honesty and keeping track of all your transactions. Honesty is, after all, always the best policy.

6. Speculation will subside as “killer apps” take hold.

As Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate wildly, speculators have been having a field day. However, there’s reason to believe the markets will become more stable, as Bitcoin gradually has over the past couple of years (despite its still big price swings).

In order for these computer coins to catch on big-time, they need a use-case that beats traditional money. And that’s where the new wave of Crypto apps, making it easier and more accessible to everyone, is going to really help this new currency take hold.

Of course Cryptocurrency is an international currency that crosses borders in the blink of a keystroke, so apps will have to be developed hand-in-hand with the developing laws and regulations within all countries of the world.

7. Cryptocurrencies will pressure traditional payment methods to improve.

Whenever a consumer swipes or dips a credit card, payment processors charge a fee.

Cryptocurrency could be the cause of big changes in traditional payment methods – changes we’re all going to feel the benefit from..

One potential outcome of the adoption of alternate systems, like Bitcoin, is to provide companies with the impetus to improve their services. Bitcoin it will make banks move toward the real cost of handling these transactions. It could also affect changes in companies like Amazon and Google in the future and the way they charge customers.

As I said at the beginning, a crystal ball to predict things with is going to be very murky at best. But the above points give a good synopsis of where the Crypto market is heading and what’s coming up for us.

_Written by Bob Pattni _

Cryptocurrency, will it fail or is it here to stay?

Will Cryptocurrency last, or will the recent backlash by mainstream media and a few big names have a long-lasting effect and be the beginning of the end for the new wave that is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency and its rise can be said to be a new type of revolution. And as we know from history, revolutions last. They change things, and nothing’s the same afterwards. That’s cryptocurrency.

It’s only feared by those who don’t understand its flexibility, its use and its purpose. And I suppose that’s why as a currency it’s mostly been embraced by savvy entrepreneur and tech types: open minded, able to see possibilities, not afraid of change. Imagine being able to buy or sell a house or car without any middle-man. Imagine making a crypto transfer for business goods to any country in the world, and the transfer of funds is free, or close to free; you can mutually agree what cryptocurrency to deal in, and almost as soon as you press the button, you’ve done the deal.

Let’s put it another way – you’re buying your shopping using a cryptocurrency that you know is going up in value as you shop, and that your shopping is actually helping it to gain value. When you get back home and check your cryptowallet, you find that your cryptocurrency value is worth more than it was before you spent some of it on your shopping: so you’ll basically be eating for free that week!

All of this, and far more is happening right now. It is mainly happening to clever people. To people with a level of focus that allows them to learn some new things that are not really that difficult to learn. It is happening to those who would rather do something than watch reality TV.

It is happening, currently, to just a fraction of the population, but word is spreading, and the revolution is gaining force.

Some key facts you may not have known:

  1. There are already hundreds of millions of people stocking and using cryptocurrencies;
  2. The distributed nature of blockchain technology  makes government control next to impossible – you can shut down one exchange or platform in your jurisdiction, and another two will spring up in its place in areas where you have no jurisdiction, and those holding or wanting to buy or exchange cryptocurrency will just go elsewhere, even if they have to do it through proxy servers to remain anonymous.
  3. The anonymity of blockchain transactions means that your private keys are yours alone, and unless you give them up, nobody, from a central bank to a government agency can touch your coins.
  4. People like having and using cryptocurrencies! They like looking in their wallets and seeing the value of their investments rising. They like that their profits cannot be monitored. When you buy coins from all over the world, certified by anonymous blockchain miners who could be anywhere, nobody can track your transactions.

So Cryptocurrency is more than just a flash in the pan. It’s not just the latest dotcom bubble that’s going to burst. It’s here to stay because the very people who use it most are the type of people who make things to last. We’re inventing ourselves a new civilisation here, and it’s not about to stop any time soon.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency


So you are looking to invest in Cryptocurrency? First things first, you will need your bank account logged into and ready as you need to register on Cryptocurrency exchange websites in order to buy, you cant go to the local bank and buy any.

There a multitude of websites to get you started and there are even more Cryptocurrencies to invest in but we have to start somewhere so I will be explaining how to buy Ethereum from Kraken.

Step 1

Make your way to Kraken which is where you will buy the Ethereum from.

Step 2

Register an account with Kraken

Register an account with kraken

Register an account with kraken

Step 3

Verify the email that was sent to you, if you don’t do this then you cant use the account effectively.

Step 4

Click on the Funding tab, then the currency you wish to deposit (GBP in this case), this should being you to the correct screen, if not, click on deposit then GBP.

Deposit GBP with kraken

Deposit GBP with kraken

Step 5

Choose the option of deposit that is cheapest for you. This will depend on your Bank and their fees for each type of deposit.

Step 6

Scroll down and follow the instructions given to deposit money to your account.

Step 7

Once you have the money in your account, click the Charts button at the top right to get a feel for the price of ETH at the moment. The charts will show when the last buy order was, how much it was for and how much ETH was bought was bought. Using the order book located at the bottom of the page, you can see all the people wanting to buy ETH and for how much. This allows us to undercut people and buy ETH before them.

Ethereum buy and sell

Ethereum buy and sell

Step 8

Now that we have a price for ETH, we can make out first order. Click the Trade tab on the left, then new order. Fill out how much ETH you wish to buy and at what price per ETH. If the Total GBP doesn’t exceed how much is in the account, click the BUY button and an order will be opened below. Once someone sells ETH to you, you’re done!

Step 9

Congratulations, you have just made your first step into the Cryptocurrency World.

Step 10

Read our “How to sell and deposit your Cryptocurrency” guide.

[Guide]Creating a wallet for Ethereum

Multiple Options

There are many ways to create a wallet for Ethereum. I will go over the two simplest ways so that you can start mining or trading as soon as possible.

Option 1 – My preferred method when mining to a wallet

This website is a godsend for a lot of Ethereum users, not only because you can create a wallet directly form their website in seconds, but because you can also download their plugin for Chrome (and Firefox?) which allows you to see your balance with the click of a button.

Let’s start by going to MyEtherWallet:

MyEtherWallet Homepage

Enter your password (you should write this down somewhere safe as if you forgot the password, there is no other way to access your wallet)

Next you will also want to download the Encrypted JSON file and print the paper wallet:

This is a test wallet, not my personal one.

Multiple backups of the wallet file itself is crucial if your aim if for long term use of this wallet and it will contain a substantial amount of money. These will be used to find your wallet (you will still need the password to access the funds). You can put the JSON in a password protected rar file and back it up online as a good measure along with copies kept on other computers or external hard drives. It always better to be safe than sorry.

Now that you have your wallet, the “Save your address” line shows the actual address used to send money to the wallet. If you are mining, this is the address that you will use for the pool to send the Ether to.

MyEtherWallets website can now be used just like a normal bank account, allowing you to send money to any other Ether address you want.

Option 2 – The logical next step after mining your coins to your MyEtherWallet

If like me, you have set up a wallet using MyEtherWallet, then after a few weeks you will have accumulated some Ether and may want to sell it or trade it for Bitcoins(or something else). This next option will go over creating a wallet with Poloniex (for creating a wallet with Kraken, use my previous article which shows how to generate a wallet there)

Firstly, go to Poloniex and login/register:

Poloniex Exchange Page

When you are logged in you are greeted with the Exchange page, at the top right, mouse over “Balances” and click “Deposits and Withdrawals”. You will be taken to this page:

Balance, Deposit and Withdrawal Page

Type “Eth” in the box top right of the table. Click “Deposit” then click “Show deposit Address” and you will have your Wallet on Poloniex.

Ethereum Deposit Address

All you need to do now is visit MyEtherWallet or use the Plugin and send however much you want to the address above that you were given. Double, triple and quadruple check all details before confirming. Best practice is for your first time, move the smallest amount possible so you can get a feel for what to do and how long to expect the transfer to take.

Thanks for taking the time to view this article, if you see any problems, let me know on my Twitter page which can be found above.

Written By Bob Pattni

[Guide] Buying Ethereum in the UK

Okay, you have invested in Cryptocurrency or you have been mining and now want to sell off your coins for cash. This guide will be a basic way of selling almost any coins. Again, just like the last guide, we will focus on Ethereum and Kraken but the knowledge gained can be used to sell and deposit all other Cryptocurrency coins.

Lets get started.

Step 1

Load up Kraken and log in.

Kraken Home Page

Kraken Home Page

Step 2

If you have since moved your ether to other trading platforms such as Poloniex then you will need to withdraw your coins from there and deposit them to your Kraken coin address. To get your Kraken deposit address you need to click the “Funding” tab, select “Deposit” then choose the coin you want to deposit. You will be presented with the screen below, if you don’t have an address to deposit to, click “Generate new address” and you will be given one.

Rod Thomas Investment

Deposit Ether to Kraken

Step 3

Moving coins from one exchange to another can take up to 15 minutes (or longer) depending on a few factors. If you copy the transaction ID given when moving the currency and enter it on Etherscan at the top right, you can see how many confirmations the transaction has had. Once it reaches 24 confirmations, the coins will be successfully on your Kraken account.

Rod Thomas Investment

Transaction Tracker

Step 4

Next up we want to be changing to the correct currency exchange. In this case we will be exchanging Ether for Euros.

Rod Thomas Investment

Change Currency Conversion

Step 5

Next we will go onto the trading page where we can choose how much to sell for(Please see Bonus Step 7 for more advanced selling). If you want to be a little bit more advanced, you can open a second window with the charts and and manually choose a better price for yourself based on the current selling rate and amount.

Rod Thomas Investment

Sell Ether Price

As you can see, the highest someone wants to pay is 9.80971 per Ether so you can get a quick sale and sell for that exact amount, or you can look at the selling amount and undercut that guy to make a tiny bit more profit. Or you can have a higher amount in mind if you don’t mind waiting (keep in mind, there is no guarantee the price will go up to what yo want to sell it for).

Fill out how much Ether you want to sell, enter the price you want to sell it at or click the market/limit buttons for auto prices, confirm the total amount of Euros to receive if successful then click the big red “Sell” button.

Step 6

Congratulations on your sale, now lets get that money into your bank account. Select “Funding” then “Withdraw” then choose the currency you sold you coins for, in my case, “Euros”. Add you bank account details, enter amount you want to withdraw then click Submit. Funds take up to 5 working days to arrive. Please note, there is a small fee to pay for Euros withdrawal.

Rod Thomas Investment

Withdrawing Euros from Kraken

Bonus Step 7

Okay, now that you are familiar will selling your coins for money, lets get a tiny bit more into the selling side. As you will have probably seen, you can sell your coins for more than just Euro. There is also GBP and Dollars. Where I live, I use GBP so you would think I would transfer everything to GBP right? Wrong. GBP has a £10 minimum deposit fee so that much is automatically taken before I even receive my money in my bank, also my bank takes a certain fee too when it arrives. There is only one reason you should consider using GBP over Eur when selling coins, and that is if the price of the coins is selling for a good portion higher on GBP to cover that £10 deposit cost and the exchange on your bank account. As a rule of thumb, I sell about 30 Ether at a time, and if GBP doesn’t net me an extra £25+ then I use Euros as it moves a lot faster as more people use Euros.

Stay tuned for more guides, if you have any ideas, let me know on my social media accounts, links found at the top of the website.